Cr Helen Radnedge

Hi I’m Philippa and I’m going to tell you some facts about councilor Helen radnedge‚Äôs visit to the grade fours in N.G.P.S primary school.Today on this special Monday August 21 2017 Cr Helen is one of the nine councilors in the Macedon ranges shire council south ward.


Were are going to start to start our report with some simple facts and back ground story. Helen Radnedge grew up until she was 15 in Keilor and lived there until she was 15 that was when she moved to the Macedon ranges south ward.
Helen has always enjoyed nature, parks and waterways, so she got her first job working with plants at the hardware store that is now closed down.

Now I’ll give you some facts we got on that important and special Monday when Helen helped us learn about the council for that is our Inquiry so I’ll make this like a quiz
Did you know
. there used to be Tasmanian devils on your land yes your land and probably killed and chased some of them.
.that the council works on the beliefs and ideas of the people.
.the council has officers who help and support them.
.the wildlife is what supports and supplies our native trees and the council looks after it.
.and Helen said everything is important even spiders.


So my conclusion is that I think that a councillor coming in person helped a lot, and know I am reassured that there are still people out there who are trying to make our community a better place to live and that is the end of my report.


Wet warm summer

Hi I’m sorry Icouldent get back sooner but I haven’t had internet connection for 2 weeks I’ve been in the U.K. for about a week and montanagrow (witch is round Italy) for another week. In montanagrow its hotter there than our summer!Just think about that,luckely you only have too cross a road and your at the water. I Swam every hour or so and started up a diving group with Matilda Emily and Phe Phe Tricks sa bell now I’m back in England and we’ve been to the Lucises and now I’m having a crazy time in Cambridge I’m with Josh and Zac and Phoebe and I’m about to go to clip and climb!!!

Our First Gnome

Gerome is a friendly gnome
He lives in a big toadstool home
He wobbles and wobbles all day
And he eats fresh hay
If you watch him at night,
You would hear a squeak and a pop
And he’s hiding behind the lock
So you won’t see him till morning


golden brown orange leaves fluttering down
biting cold nibbles at my red ears
Grey clouds to grey to see swarm the sky’s
Cold iced water drops drip as if in slow motion they fly to land on my ears my shoes my hair
The wind shakes the branches but they do not fall
Mushrooms reach to the grey sky’s with no welcome
The wind is more defining than a cars engine
Its autumn time

ANZAC a poem


Bullets flying in the black smoky air,
With the poppyseed of blood waving in the breeze,
Warm hearted men falling on the earth of Turkey,
Ships of war rocking in the wind,
Soldiers marching,
A long channel of pine swimming with soldiers underneath,
And for the dying men that cheered lay a poppy in their breast,
All the men that fought had spirit in their bones,
And even if their dead there will never be a time when they will be forgotten and there spirit there heart and memory lives on in the fields of Gallipoli,
Were brave men fought and died for there country,
And the faces of these men told that they Knew they would not be forgotten,
And someone would join them under the soil in the fields of Gallipoli,
For the brave men fought dead or alive we will remember them Lest We Forget.
by Philippa

My Pledge for a sea creature

At first I didn’t know how much we had damaged our ocean but after all this research I realized how much damage our species had done to the ocean. So I pledge this promise to prove that I care about the Ocean and so I pledge that I will never use plastic bags I will pick up as much rubbish as I can and that I will only eat and will only eat fish that have been fished responsibly all year.Some species are extinct because of us like the Baiji Dolphin which I researched and I show my research below.

Crazy vines and Lillies



On Friday ¬†I had my first kitchen Garden session and I was planting a grape vine and lilys my group had Alice’s Mum Julia who was the adult who was supervising us. In my group was Alice Brodie and Shyla Ben and Mille brought the mulch. over ¬†first we watered the ground then we dugout the the holes put a little soil in then we made it wet then we started to ease the plants out of there pots and then put them in the holes,after that we covered it up and then we watered it ¬†that’s how we planted the Lily’s Alice did the grape vine and that was what I did in my first kitchen garden lesson!


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